Your Personal Book Cover Artist

Your Personal Book Cover Artist
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Looking for a great cover for your book?  One that actually looks the way you imagined it might? One that you can actually afford?   Look no further! Todd of BookCoverArt, does amazing work, and best of all, he welcomes your input. 

 My name is Marsha Owings, and I write under the name of  "L. M. Nisgow."  I have a science fiction trilogy, "The Elpie Trilogy," out on Amazon, and wanted to get a new look for my books. The mediums used on the first covers, though I think they're beautiful, give the impression that these are childrens' books, which they are not. I felt like I needed an edgier look to appeal to my target audience, the sci-fi readers. The woman whose company formatted my books for paperback referred me to Todd, and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

I love the original covers, so Todd suggested I call the new ones second editions,  thereby allowing me to have all of them for sale at the same time.  

Just the fact that he hasn't reached through the web and done a virtual strangle on my neck says great things about him.  He threw out an idea when I told him what the first book was about, and let me change the picture until he got just what I wanted.  He's in Utah, I'm in Texas, so this was all via emails. Every time he'd send one, and I asked for more and more changes, I figured he would finally get fed up and tear my check into a thousand pieces.  But instead, he kept at it until he got a cover that I loved. 

 He's working on the second book now, and he's made a zillion changes for me on this one, too, but it is looking awesome! Once he starts with you, he keeps at it--- I got my first cover within a week or so, and this one will be ready in about the same amount of time.  Which I find extraordinary.  Do a little pricing and you will realize what a great price that is, especially for the amount of work he puts into each piece.

Go to his website, look at some of his covers, and be ready with your credit card, because you won't want to leave empty-handed.
-Marsh Owings